When I heard I had to go to the beach for our first art activity I was not so thrilled about it. I oretty much hate everything about the beach. However, my boyfriend loves going to the beach so I thought this would be the perfect chance to do something he likes while I get my activity done. When it comes to the project it went a lot better than I expected. I tend to be a perfectionist and when the product does not satisfy me I always throw it away and make a new one. So I decided to only mix half of the plaster that way I’ll have a safety net with the other half in case I wanted to make another mold. Great thing is, I actually liked my first one and it came out a lot better than I expected.

The process of getting it done did not go as well as I would have liked. It was very  and I was extremely frustrated with the sand getting in my eyes and my hair blowing everywhere and having wet hands with sand all over them and not being able to touch anything. These are reasons why I do not like the beach. Anyways out firsts attempts at digging holes to make my molds were ruined by the water since we were to close to the tide. We went back a little further and dug a couple more holes. I decided to make molds of my hand. Once I stuck my hand in the hole my boyfriend filled it with wet sand and we were compressing the sand as much as we could so I can fill in the holes between my fingers. I carefully took my hand out and then we filled the mold with the plaster and hoped for the best. The plaster seemed like it was sinking in which made me freak out a bit. Since we had to wait 30 minutes the tide seemed to get close and closer so my boyfriend came up with the grar idea of building a wall around my mold. Which ended up saving my mold! Once it was time to dig it out I thought it was going to be difficult but it wasn’t, it was super fast and easy since the plaster was super hard. I had to buy the plaster at a hardware store so it was not the same one, I’m not sure if that had anything to do with it. One I saw my hand we were both surprised at the fact that it actually looked like a hand and all the fingers were still attached. I found this activity to be a great bonding experience with my boyfriend and we both enjoyed doing it.


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