imageThe first person I met in class was Aleah. I sat next to her and we decided to be each other’s first person for the classmate conversation. This is Aleah’s first year in college and she plans to become a social worker. She is an athletic person and does all star cheer which I thought was very cool. What she likes to do on her free time is hang out with her family, friends and her boyfriend. She decided to take Art 110 as a general Ed because she thought it would be fun and different from other art classes. She also took an art class in high school.

In class we asked each other the question of the week which is ‘where where do you draw the line on what art is’. Our answers were very similar and we both thought that there is no line to draw. Aleah thought that the question what is art is hard to answer itself and art can be anything and varies the way we interpret it.


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