imageThis weeks activity was a very interesting one. Many people were freaked out by the fact that we had to think of a way of dying, even my family did not like this project. However I wasn’t. I’m a realistic person and obviously eventually everyone is going to die so having to think about it did not scare me at all. I thought this activity was fun but it was also a little frustrating because it was hard for me to think of a way that I would like to photograph. I took a little different approach and my scene is of me laying dead, with a bottle of pills in my hand and pills spilled around me, with a note on the side of me.

Instead of choosing a way of death which is caused by something or someone else, I decided to choose dying that was caused by myself, suicide. The reason I chose this way of dying is because there are so many stories I hear of people committing suicide and it is heart breaking. Just the other day I heard another story which was the reason I chose this scene. I decided to have the cause of death be overdose of pills because I think pills is something easily accessed by anyone. A lot of times when people commit suicide they leave a note. That is why I had a note with the words ‘stop bullying’ written on it because I think bullying is the cause of most people especially children committing suicide.

I had a good experience with this activity because it also gave me the chance to talk about bullying with my little niece. She was with me during the process of me creating the scene and taking the picture. She is a very curious little girl and asked me what I was writing and when I told her, her response was “bullying is bad”, which made me smile and I had the chance to explain it a little more to her.


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