imageSo this is my new friend in class Daniel. Daniel is majoring in mechanical engineering, which I think is amazing because anything that has to do with engineering is not easy and it is great that he is able to do that because I sure would it be able to. He has a part time job at an aircraft company building parts which is cool since he can use that as experience. It is his third year at CSULB just like me. He decides to take Art 110 as a GE requirement and said he looks forward to this class because it is a nice way to think in a different way than in an engineering way. He has always found art very interesting and it has been an important part of his life and he is excited to create some of his own.

Now to answer the question of the week: Is art important in today’s society? Daniel believes that art is extremely important in the world. He thinks art creates emotion and expression in everyday life. We both agreed that art is an outlet for humans and it allows us to express our emotions and creativity. It is a part of what makes us human. He says that he would be lost without art. He lives art, from the music he listens to in the car to the sculptures on campus that he enjoys seeing everyday. Art is what makes life not boring.


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