This is my new friend from class, Bryan Aparicio. I had my first conversation with him in the art galleries but we actually had an accountancy class together but we never had the chance to talk to each other. Our conversation was so great that we actually forgot to take a picture together! He is currently a business major that is transitioning into becoming a Journalism major, which I think is awesome. It is his 3rd year at Csulb and he is hoping to be out of here in about 2 years. He decided to major in journalism because that field caught his attention since he is constantly reading sports articles, that is something he can see himself doing as a career. His dream job is to become a sports journalist covering basketball since he is a huge Lakers fan so being a reporter for them would make his dream come true.

Our question of the week was “how is art used in everyday life?” His answer was that art is used everyday in life through ¬†various ways. Many people express themselves differently and in their own way. There’s no specific way to use art, because everyone’s platform is different. Some more effective than others, but it’s their own form. Whether it is through music, paintings, sculptures, or any other design, it shows their style of art and it’s great because it shows how diverse everyone is and how their perspective of art is much different from every other person. He thought that we sometimes express ourselves through art without recognizing it. Without it, every environment would just be a boring and dull place to be in. Fortunately it isn’t, and there’s so much to explore because there’s endless ways of using and expressing art .


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