Artist: Andrew Hansen

ExhibitionWhy Not? 

Media: Oil Painting

Gallery: Csulb School of Art: Gatov Gallery West

Website: N/A

Instagram: albabroski

About the Artist 

Andrew Hansen is in the Drawing and Painting School of Art at Csulb as an undergraduate. He is from San Diego but has been living near Long Beach because he wanted to come to school here. This is his last year in the Drawing and Painting program. Andrew has been oil painting for 3 years and he used to do acrylic painting. Another art related activity that he does is design his own tattoos and tattoos for other people, which I think is awesome. Art has always been his passion but he also has other hobbies. He is an active person and enjoys the outdoors, one of his favorite activities is surfing.

Formal Analysis 

Andrew titled this art piece “Bar scene #1” and it is an oil painting done on canvas. This art work took him about four months to finish. What caught my attention first is that there is a purple guy getting carded and the face of the guy is very large which means that he is the closest to Andrew. There is a lot of color in the piece which I liked. I also liked that the piece was very abstract and the oil paint gave it a nice texture.

Content Analysis

Andrew decided to paint something that he was familiar with and something that would keep him interested. That is why he decided to paint a scene in a bar because he works as a bouncer in a bar, Pacific Shores, in San Diego and the art piece would remind him of his days at work. He mentioned that all of the people he painted are close family and friends. For example, the purple guy is his bestfriend and he decided to paint him purple because he was messing with the lighting and also because the lights in the bar are red. He decided to paint his friend being carded and he is being distracted by the girl because it seems like she is the main point in the painting and could be the center of attention at the bar.

Synthesis/ My Experience 

I thought this was an amazing piece and I liked that he tied his artwork to what he does at work. At first I was a bit confused but as I focused more on the painting it all clicked. The girl sitting at the bar with many guys around her, it all made sense. I personally thought that the guy was purple because he was angry that he was being carded or angry at something. It was nice getting to hear the story behind the painting by Andrew himself. I have never been to a bar myself but I picture the bar exactly how the scene in the painting is. This experience was great because I have never been to an art gallery and was able to talk with the artist himself.


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