imageWhen I saw that this weeks activity was graffiti, I was super excited. I have never done it but I have always wanted to try it. I used to go with my boyfriend and his friends to sunken city in San Pedro and they would always tag and I thought it was so cool and I would always be so intrigued. Now I got the chance to do it, although it wasn’t on a wall or any place illegal, it was still fun. The process took longer then I thought it would and it got messy but I really enjoyed doing it and I was pretty happy with my end result.

At first I was super frustrated because I wasn’t sure how to do any cool lettering. I like thugs to come out my way and if they don’t come out the way my vision was I get annoyed and I give up. However I couldn’t do that this time because it’s my activity. I ruined a lot of card boards because I didn’t like the way it would come out but I decided to relax and try again. I tried something and it wasn’t too bad so I stuck with it and tried to enhance it a bit. Of course I had my little partner with me and she would give her opinions and definitely let me know if something didn’t look “cute”.  I decided to do both my first and last because once my first name was done, I wanted to try something a little different.  My favorite was my last name and the little heart my niece did made it even better.


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