Artist: Jane Weibel

Exhibition: Psycho Cycle

Media: Ceramics

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East


Instagram: Janemargarette

About the Artist:

Jane Weibel is a feminist who thought it was best to keep relatively quiet about being one. She says there is a deep cynicism and mistrust inside of her. She displays this in her work. Jane is an undergraduate student and this is her last semester. She is in the Ceramics program and likes ceramics because its a functional practice and ended up getting into more of a sculptural practice. She plans on applying to UCLA for graduate school because in her opinion it is a great school for artist in LA. Her favorite type of food is Filipino food and she happens to be half Filipino. One of her favorite hobbies to do is escape rooms and she has gone to many different ones.

Formal Analysis:

One of my favorite art pieces that Jane presented is the piece where she has six photographs of four different women going through the process of carrying a big heavy rock. The photos at the bottom, it looks like the women are struggling to carry the rock. In the next photos, little by little they are lifting the rock and the top photos of the women, they are carrying the rocks. All the photos are attached to each other. They all have the same white background which lets us focus on the women. Another piece that I really liked was one that had a rock on top of a picture of a woman and fire on the bottom of the picture. That art work showed how the woman is in between two bad things and there is really no escape or good outcome.

Content Analysis

Jane’s whole show is critical of what women are being treated like, it is about the struggles women have to go through on a daily basis. The rock that the women have represent a burden, which are the expectations set on women in how they have to look or behave. The burden of having to deal with that and the toll that it takes on the person. The burden is a weight that women have to carry around with them. Jane explains how she goes through these struggles on a daily basis. For example, she goes to Home Depot a lot and she is treated differently then men because people assume that she doesn’t know what she is doing just because it is a hardware store. Our culture has been conditioned to think this way.

Synthesis/ My experience

This exhibition is going to be a very memorable one. In Jane’s artwork I saw myself. Being a women, we go through a lot of struggles that men don’t have to. It was so nice seeing an exhibition that focused entirely on women and it brings knowledge to the daily struggles that we go through. I connected with her art work and immediately knew what it was about. Women go through a lot of struggles that men do not go through and I believe it has made us stronger. However, it’s getting old and I love how she brought awareness about it through her artwork.






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