imageArtist: Dulce Soledad Ibarra

Exhibition: Manos De Oro

Media: Mixed Media

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East


Instagram: N/A

About the Artist:

Dulce Soledad Ibarra is a family oriented individual who decided to dedicate this exhibition to her father. Dulce is an undergrad student at California State University of Long Beach and is about to finish her fourth year. She is working on her Bachelors of Fine Arts in sculpture, although she has only been doing sculpture for about a year. She grew up in Chino Hills but moved to Norco because her parents have land there that they own there. However, she did not enjoy living there. A great thing about Dulce is how she is involved with the community. She likes to hold workshops and teach young children about the history of art and teaches them how to make piñata’s which I think is awesome!

The exhibition is called “Manos de Oro” which is translated to hands of gold. Walking into the gallery, I could hear a song playing called “mi Viejo” by a Colombian singer and a video of a man gardening and it all made sense. There were many gardening tools displayed for example a lawn mower, part of a chainsaw, motors and a tank for an old weed wacker. The hardest part was collecting the tools from people. Some of the tools are her dads. The tools were covered gold leaves/sheets which were pasted on the items. The exhibition was simple but this by far has been the one with the biggest meaning, in my opinion.

Everything was dedicated to her father and to show appreciation for all the gardeners doing what they have to do to make a living. She explained how her father has been working as a gardener for over 40 years and there is nothing that she would love more then to have him retire but he has to keep working to support his family. She picked the song in the video because of the meaning of the song and how it relates to her dad. The items being covered in gold sheets is significant because everyone perceives it as value and also because her and her dad are actually allergic to gold. So by covering the items with gold she is trying to make the machines and what her dad does valuable to other people. She mentioned that her dad and brother came to the opening and they were very emotional about it all.

This has been my favorite gallery because of how much it relates to me. Although my dad is not a gardener specifically he does work hard manual labor and has been working for over 40 years also. He has no other choice because that is how he is supporting us. Just like Dulce, the biggest thing I would love to accomplish is having my father retire and finally rest. The exhibition reminded me how grateful I should be for my dad and everything he has done and sacrificed for us. I loved this gallery because it showed how proud Dulce is of her father and of what he does.




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