I imagehave never been to the Japanese Garden before this activity. I’ve heard many things about how beautiful it is but I never got around going to see it myself. I love how Proffesor Zucman has us doing different things and not just sitting in a classroom listening to him talk (which I wouldn’t mind 😂). The Japanese garden met my expectations and it was just as beautiful as I thought it would be. I felt peaceful just sitting on the rock and sketching. Obviously the first thing that caught my eye was the pond. However where I was sitting, there wasn’t a great view of the pond. I realized that I have a thing for trying to draw trees and there were a lot of trees in front of me so that’s what I focused on. I kinda of regret my decision on focusing on that because I was getting frustrated cause it wasn’t coming out how I would have liked it to come out. I began to walk around and I loved the section where there were a lot of pebbles. Standing behind the pebbles there was a nice view of the whole pond. After going to the Japensse garden I definitely plan on going back just to sit down and have a peaceful moment.


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