Week 8: Classmate convo- Damonte Ford

imageAt the Japanese Garden this week I got a chance to talk to Damonte Ford. Damonte is a sophomore at CalState Long Beach. He is majoring in film and productions which is awesome and he’s the first person I talk to that is majoring in that field. His goal in life is to become a sound engineer and work on projects such as music, video games, movies, tv commercials… etc. On his free time he likes to be active and play sports. Of course he also does music and he loves sleeping just like me. He currently has a job and is also in a rap group. He enjoys traveling and that is also something I would like to do in the future. He also enjoys hanging out with friends, watching tv and just keeping busy on his free time.

We asked each other the question of if we would be a supportive parents if our child decided to pursue a career in art. Our answer was similar to a certain extent. We both said we would support our child. He said that he would support his child in any decision or career path they choose. However he said if he would be even more supportive if they his child chose a career path hat involved something artistic due to the fact that he wants to pursue in an artistic career. He believes that being a supportive parent can better your child’s future by motivating him/her to accomplish any goal they have set for themselves. Overall he thinks is very important to support your child in any decision they make to they can have an opportunity to blossom in a field they love without having anyone trying to hold them back.


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