imageThis weeks activity I didn’t understand too much. I wasn’t exactly sure what to do but I decided to make an art care package for one of my nieces. She is 6 years old is at the stage where she loves copying what she sees. She hs seen me do my ID cards before and wondered why I do them. I decided to put markers and color pencils in the package because I love using markers especially and making them bright. I included an ID card I had made so she can use as a reference and also included blank index cards so she can make her own. She has always been a fan of these colored pens that I had so I wanted to give them to her. There were little things I already had that I was planning on giving to her once I saw her for example bracelets, a little coin purse and little toys so I decided to include them also. My other niece was with me so she drew a picture that she wanted to include and also wanted me to include a picture of her. She liked this little toms bag that I had so I decided to put everything inside of it. At first I was a little confused at who I should make it for and once I decided to make it for her it made it easier for me to choose what items I should include. I think she’ll be very happy once she sees it and what’s inside.


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