imageArtists names: Dalia Banuelos and Daniel Bonilla-Vera

Exhibition: Infraction

Media: Photography, Yarn

Gallery: Maxine Merlino Gallery

Instagrams: @daliaeffect,  @dbvqp

About the Artist

Dalia and Daniel are both seniors at CSULB with a studio art major. They both wanted to be in the BFA of photography however Dalia already got rejected twice and Daniel has been rejected once and is in the process of applying again. That is how this gallery came together. It is about the rejection that they have both experienced. Dalia is from San Fernando Valley and is a transfer student from a community college from LA. Daniel is also a transfer student from a college that is near Fresno. A hobby of Dalia’s is doing martial arts on her free time. During Daniels free time he eats and sleeps because he is always so busy with school and being a fulltime student he does not have the time for another hobby at the moment.

Formal Analysis

Walking into “Infraction” one must go through black curtains first. I didn’t know what to expect because that was the first gallery I have been to that had curtains covering the entrance so I was wondering why it was like that. As I walked in, I saw a lot of photographs on both sides of the wall and this long string of black yarn and the thing that caught my eye was the back where the yarn reminded me of a spider web or a booby trap. There were photographs hanging from the yarn. On the floor there were two bodies that looked sad and depressed because of the body language. ON was kneeling on the floor with there arms hugging there chest and there head facing down while the other one was in the fetal position at the corner.

Content Analysis

The black curtains were at the entrance because they wanted the space to feel like a memorial and wanted to control the lighting. They wanted the audience to feel the way they are- rejected, sad and confused. The photographs on the left side of the wall are Daniels and those photographs are the ones that he used when he got rejected to the BFA program. Dalias photographs were on the right wall and she also had photographs that had been rejected overtime but she decided to continue working on them. The images hanging on the black yarn on the back are a mixture of both of their photographs. Dalia had the idea to use black yarn and its symbolic to the fact that it holds everything together and if the string breaks then everything kind of falls apart and the black adds to the emphasis of a sad feeling. They named it “infraction” because of what the gallery is about and how its not following rules instead going against them.

Synthesis/My Experience

This exhibition is something that I believe everyone can relate to. One way or another we have felt rejection and this was one way of coping with it. This showed us how we can take something that seemed negative to us and make it into something different. I like how they displayed their photography and it really made us think a little more. My favorite part was seeing the two bodies on the floor because that showed us a feeling of sadness. I really enjoyed this exhibition and it shows how you are not alone, everyone feels rejection at one point the important thing is how you deal with it and I love how Daniel and Dalia dealt with it and decided to make an exhibition about it.






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