image.jpegThis weeks activity made you think about connections between people and it showed how everyone is somehow connected in one way or another. I think Dunbar’s number does make sense to me and I agree with the fact that we only have around 150 truly meaningful relationships throughout our life and that the rest will be in more casual ways. I think that it takes time to create a meaningful relationship with someone and that not everyone is worth your time so I completely agree with it. I think its funny when people are proud to have thousands of “friends” on Facebook because in reality only a couple hundred or even less are people that you actually know and have met and have some sort of relationship with them. To me, that number doesn’t mean anything. I think that my personal number will be less than a 100. It takes a lot for me to get close to people and allow them in my life. So I know that I will not have too many meaningful relationships because I sometimes don’t allow myself to even get to that point. I don’t use social media anymore but even when I did, the people I was “friends” with were only people that I actually knew and had met in person before making them my “friend” on social media so I would say the number would be pretty accurate for me.


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