Week 11:Classmate Convo- Yonathan Sahle

imageSo I actually met Yonathan at the Japanse Garden the week that we were sketching. Yonathan is in his senior year at calstate long beach and he is majoring as a mechanical engineering. I originally decided to major as an engineer but it just wasn’t for me and it’s a very difficult major, so props to him for finishing through with that. He really enjoys taking this class because it’s something different than the classes that he has to take as an engineer. He gets to clear his mind and relax for once instead of being so stressed. He likes the fact that there aren’t many rules when it comes to art and he gets to just do his own thing. To answer the questions of the week, Yonathan thinks that it’s okay for artists to draw people people with their free expression because it is there work so they should have it the way they want it and it shouldn’t depend on how people want it. Yonathan also thinks that it should be an open ended thing, however he thinks their should be a limits to it so that no one gets offended. I agre with him cause I also think that artists should draw what they want but also I don’t think it’s okay for any artist to make a work of art that will purposely hurt someone or offend someone.


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