imageArtist: Sage Garver

Exhibition: BIO

Media: Foam, Sculpture

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A

About the Artist

Sage Garner is an undergraduate senior at CSULB and she transferred from El Camino College. She is graduating from the BFA sculpture program. She does not plan on going to graduate school after she graduates. Her plans to move to Hawaii and get a job there while working on her art on the side. Ever since she was younger she has been interested in art but it wasn’t until she took some art classes that she knew that she wanted to major in Art, specifically sculpture. Sage is an outdoor person and some of her hobbies include hiking, swimming and cooking. One of her favorite things to cook is Asian food. However, she had certain illnesses as she was growing up which caused her to not be able to eat anything she wanted.

Formal Analysis

In the middle of the gallery there is a shiny piece made of gold wire wrapped with iridescent film which has a lot of gold chains connected to it. At the bottom of the gold chains there was a gold fork hanging from them. On all the walls there area lot of polyurethane foam sculptures of different shapes and sizes. Some looked smooth, others had some texture with sharp edges and looked ridged while some where circles. Those structures are the same color as the wall and seem to be growing out of it.

Content Analysis

The exhibition BIO was inspired by her life and was symbolic to her body. The white foam structure were meant to represent the cells in her body. She was born with an illness which was a huge part of her life and it basically took over her body. The piece hanging in the middle represents the nucleus of the cell that brings it all together. The fork might be a representation of the fact that because of her illness she was very limited as to what she can and can not eat. She wanted this exhibition to be sort of an auto biography that when people walk in and see it, you do not know immediately what is going on or what it is about.

My experience

I believe that Sage captured what she was trying to capture perfectly. As I walked into the room I immediately thought of being underwater. The structures on the walls reminded me of rocks, bubbles, kelp,seaweed. My eyes were drawn to the walls initially and then I saw the sculpture hanging from the ceiling which confused me a bit but I loved the material she used. What really through me off was the fork hanging from the chains. I could not make the correlation. Once I read artist statement it started to make more sense and I realized that the exhibition had to do with an illness, the artists own illness. I loved the fact that she made this whole exhibition about her illness and the fact that we did not immediately know that.




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