Week 13: Classmate convo- Johnathan Girgis

imageThis week I met Johnathan Girgis. Johnathan is a senior at CSULB who is majoring in film but used to be premed. Going from premed to film is a huge change but it’s grey that he is pursuing a major that he really enjoys. He will be graduating next semester witch is so cool. His favorite movie is called “bicycle thieves”. One of his favorite things to eat is salmon which is so different from my favorite food, chilli cheese fries. Just like I do, he really enjoys hanging out with friends on his free time. To answer the question of the week, we would both choose the red pill. I actually have never seen the matrix so I was a bit confused at first but we both had the same reasoning behind our answer. We are both realistic people and would rather know what is it we are facing than to be ignorant of our own reality. I am a very realistic person and would like to hear the truth no matter what so I would rather see how the world really is than to live in a world that is not what it seems and he agreed with me.


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