Week 14: Activity- Instagram

imageSo this week we had an Instagram activity and I actually had to create an Instagram because I didn’t have one anymore. I’m not a huge social media fan and this activity forced me to take pictures of wha to was doing throughout the day. When I looked at the hashtag I saw a lot of connections. There were a lot of posts that had pictures of places at school which I saw coming because of course people were at school that day. I also expected to see a lot of people posting about food (including me) because eating is a part of everyone’s day. My Instagram was new because I originally didn’t have one, what surprised me was that a lot of people had new accounts. I’m not sure if it’s because they didn’t have an account or if they made a new one just for this activity. Seeing all the posts it did feel likes community because we were all connected in a way and we were all working for the same goal which was posting pictures throughout our day for our class activity. It felt like I new most of these people when in reality I didn’t but I did feel some type of connection with them. I he’s actually got really sad seeing one of my classmates post. She was attending a funeral on Wednesday and posted pictures of that. Seeing those pictures broke my heart and my prayers go out to her and her family


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