Week 14: Classmate (sibling) Convo- Magalli Santana

imageSo this week I was unable to make it to class due to a medical emergency. 😦 Therefore I was unable to do a classmate convo so I decided to do it this week with my sister. It said to incorporate this weeks question with our ID card so my sister and I decided to draw a laptop. The laptop to us represents technology which is what we think the college experience is going to be all about in 2036. Today, technology is already a huge part of college. A lot of people traded their notebooks for a laptop and the laptop is the most important item to a college student because it contains everything. As times passes technology is only improving and becoming a bigger part of people’s live. So of course, in 2036 I think more and more people are going to start taking classes online and just start skipping the whole part of actually going to school. People are becoming lazier to actually go and show up to class (I’m becoming one). Therefore, I think that the college experience is going to change. People aren’t going to experience college the same way and actually go interact and make connections with people. No more joining clubs and making new friends in college. We think it’s going to be all about the technology and all about online classes without them actually experiencing the true college experience.


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