EC feedback

Overall, I really enjoyed taking this class but to be honest I think it should be a little more difficult. My top 3 favorite activities are plaster casting, graffiti writing and finger painting. I only had one least favorite activity and that would be vlogs. However, my reasoning for not liking it is a personal reason which is that I hate taking pictures and I especially hate recording myself. All the other activities, I think they should be enhanced and made a little more difficult/ have more steps. For example, for the automatic drawing I think that you should have made it a requirement to have enhanced it after doing it. Also, sketching in the garden should have been the first step but I think we should have made it a better drawing and not just a sketching and added color or painted it.

If by hybrid format you mean beach arts, I found it a bit difficult to use beach arts. It’s takes a little time to get used to. When I first read that we had to interview artist I was extremely nervous about that because I thought it was going to be more personal and I was going to be alone with the artist while I asked questions but it wasn’t as bad as I expected. It made it a lot easier for us shy people that at times it was more of a group thing cause a group of us would gather and interview together. I think going to the Galleries was cool because some artist weren’t used to having that many people look at there work so I know they appreciated it. At first I didn’t like the idea of having classmate convos but I thank you for them. It did push me out of my comfort zone to talk and get to know some classmates, otherwise I would have gone the whole semester without talking to anyone. I enjoyed the weekly blog posts but maybe instead of posting them after we do the assignment, you should post before we do the assignment work from previous years so that the student can get an idea of what to do. I know you really wanted us to have an eportfolio and to keep it after but I don’t think many of us will. Overall I really like taking this class I just think you should make it a bit more challenging for students.


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