Week 15: Activity- Finger Painting

imageI actually really enjoyed doing this weeks activity. I didn’t think I would have liked it but I did. At first I didn’t know how to start it off or what to do but of course I thought of trees like I always do. I thought it would be cool to just use my finger prints as the leaves and that’s exactly what I did. I painted the trunk of a tree and I just kept pressing my finger down around the tree to make the leaves. Once I did that I thought it looked to boring and I wanted to add some color so I did smaller trees with different colored leaves. I liked those more. I had funny doing this activity because it was okay for the leaves to not actually look like leaves. Finger painting did take way the pressure of having the painting to actually look like an object even though I decided to make mine look like an actual tree but I knew that it was okay for it to not look like a tree. Of course I decided to add more and I added a butterfly however I regretted doing it and k did not like how it turned out. I should have left it the way it was. This by far has been/ was my favorite activity even though I expected not to enjoy it.


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