Week 11: Artist Convo- Kyle Kruse

imageArtist: Kyle Kruse

Exhibition: Janus Maxim

Media: Sculpture, film, print making

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: Kylekruseart.com

Instagram: @kyle.kruse

About the Artist:

Kyle is a senior at CSULB in the Print Making BFA program and this art show was his senior project. It took him 10 months to complete and he had already graduated but came back for this exhibition. He plans on going to grad school and has a couple schools in mind like Yale and Visual Art of New York. Kyle is from a family of immigrants and has been moving from place to place his whole life. Long Beach is the first city where he has lived for longer than a year but hopes to move soon. Some of his hobbies include rock climbing and capturing photos in the wilderness, which I think is awesome.

Formal Analysis:

I didn’t know what to expect when I walked into this exhibition because of the black curtains covering the entrance making it dark. There was also dirt scattered all over the floor which was something I have not seen before. There were three screens that were playing videos and also three masks that that were on top of podiums. There were also three wood craving that were extremely detailed. This exhibit gives you an uneasy feeling and you don’t know what to focus on but that is one of the reason why I liked it so much.

Content Analysis:

Kyles work comes from inspiration of research he has done. He chose to have this exhibition relate to Greek mythology. There were three sets of everything, films,sculptures and woodblock cravings which represented the Roman myths of Prometheus, Janus and Sisyphus. He didn’t target a specific audience he wanted this exhibition to be for everyone and wanted everyone to feel some type of way while walking through it. I think he definitely accomplished that. The dirt on the floor was placed there to appeal to the audience senses. these different factors is what was so intriguing about it because you do not know exactly what to feel or think.

My experience/ Synthesis

This exhibition has been one of my favorite. I feel like the artist captured exactly what he was going for. Walking into the room I felt a little creeped out and I just didn’t know what to think. The dirt, the sound of the videos, the dark room, the masks, everything played a role in the uncertainness I felt. I felt like this exhibit had a lot of meaning to it and I love how his work is based off of research. The detail on the masks was amazing and it makes me understand why this exhibit took 10 months to finish.






Week 11:Classmate Convo- Yonathan Sahle

imageSo I actually met Yonathan at the Japanse Garden the week that we were sketching. Yonathan is in his senior year at calstate long beach and he is majoring as a mechanical engineering. I originally decided to major as an engineer but it just wasn’t for me and it’s a very difficult major, so props to him for finishing through with that. He really enjoys taking this class because it’s something different than the classes that he has to take as an engineer. He gets to clear his mind and relax for once instead of being so stressed. He likes the fact that there aren’t many rules when it comes to art and he gets to just do his own thing. To answer the questions of the week, Yonathan thinks that it’s okay for artists to draw people people with their free expression because it is there work so they should have it the way they want it and it shouldn’t depend on how people want it. Yonathan also thinks that it should be an open ended thing, however he thinks their should be a limits to it so that no one gets offended. I agre with him cause I also think that artists should draw what they want but also I don’t think it’s okay for any artist to make a work of art that will purposely hurt someone or offend someone.

Week 10: Social Network

image.jpegThis weeks activity made you think about connections between people and it showed how everyone is somehow connected in one way or another. I think Dunbar’s number does make sense to me and I agree with the fact that we only have around 150 truly meaningful relationships throughout our life and that the rest will be in more casual ways. I think that it takes time to create a meaningful relationship with someone and that not everyone is worth your time so I completely agree with it. I think its funny when people are proud to have thousands of “friends” on Facebook because in reality only a couple hundred or even less are people that you actually know and have met and have some sort of relationship with them. To me, that number doesn’t mean anything. I think that my personal number will be less than a 100. It takes a lot for me to get close to people and allow them in my life. So I know that I will not have too many meaningful relationships because I sometimes don’t allow myself to even get to that point. I don’t use social media anymore but even when I did, the people I was “friends” with were only people that I actually knew and had met in person before making them my “friend” on social media so I would say the number would be pretty accurate for me.

Week 9: Artist Convo- Dalia Banuelos and Daniel Bonilla-Vera

imageArtists names: Dalia Banuelos and Daniel Bonilla-Vera

Exhibition: Infraction

Media: Photography, Yarn

Gallery: Maxine Merlino Gallery

Instagrams: @daliaeffect,  @dbvqp

About the Artist

Dalia and Daniel are both seniors at CSULB with a studio art major. They both wanted to be in the BFA of photography however Dalia already got rejected twice and Daniel has been rejected once and is in the process of applying again. That is how this gallery came together. It is about the rejection that they have both experienced. Dalia is from San Fernando Valley and is a transfer student from a community college from LA. Daniel is also a transfer student from a college that is near Fresno. A hobby of Dalia’s is doing martial arts on her free time. During Daniels free time he eats and sleeps because he is always so busy with school and being a fulltime student he does not have the time for another hobby at the moment.

Formal Analysis

Walking into “Infraction” one must go through black curtains first. I didn’t know what to expect because that was the first gallery I have been to that had curtains covering the entrance so I was wondering why it was like that. As I walked in, I saw a lot of photographs on both sides of the wall and this long string of black yarn and the thing that caught my eye was the back where the yarn reminded me of a spider web or a booby trap. There were photographs hanging from the yarn. On the floor there were two bodies that looked sad and depressed because of the body language. ON was kneeling on the floor with there arms hugging there chest and there head facing down while the other one was in the fetal position at the corner.

Content Analysis

The black curtains were at the entrance because they wanted the space to feel like a memorial and wanted to control the lighting. They wanted the audience to feel the way they are- rejected, sad and confused. The photographs on the left side of the wall are Daniels and those photographs are the ones that he used when he got rejected to the BFA program. Dalias photographs were on the right wall and she also had photographs that had been rejected overtime but she decided to continue working on them. The images hanging on the black yarn on the back are a mixture of both of their photographs. Dalia had the idea to use black yarn and its symbolic to the fact that it holds everything together and if the string breaks then everything kind of falls apart and the black adds to the emphasis of a sad feeling. They named it “infraction” because of what the gallery is about and how its not following rules instead going against them.

Synthesis/My Experience

This exhibition is something that I believe everyone can relate to. One way or another we have felt rejection and this was one way of coping with it. This showed us how we can take something that seemed negative to us and make it into something different. I like how they displayed their photography and it really made us think a little more. My favorite part was seeing the two bodies on the floor because that showed us a feeling of sadness. I really enjoyed this exhibition and it shows how you are not alone, everyone feels rejection at one point the important thing is how you deal with it and I love how Daniel and Dalia dealt with it and decided to make an exhibition about it.





Week 9: activity- art care package

imageThis weeks activity I didn’t understand too much. I wasn’t exactly sure what to do but I decided to make an art care package for one of my nieces. She is 6 years old is at the stage where she loves copying what she sees. She hs seen me do my ID cards before and wondered why I do them. I decided to put markers and color pencils in the package because I love using markers especially and making them bright. I included an ID card I had made so she can use as a reference and also included blank index cards so she can make her own. She has always been a fan of these colored pens that I had so I wanted to give them to her. There were little things I already had that I was planning on giving to her once I saw her for example bracelets, a little coin purse and little toys so I decided to include them also. My other niece was with me so she drew a picture that she wanted to include and also wanted me to include a picture of her. She liked this little toms bag that I had so I decided to put everything inside of it. At first I was a little confused at who I should make it for and once I decided to make it for her it made it easier for me to choose what items I should include. I think she’ll be very happy once she sees it and what’s inside.

Week 8: Activity- Japanese Garden

I imagehave never been to the Japanese Garden before this activity. I’ve heard many things about how beautiful it is but I never got around going to see it myself. I love how Proffesor Zucman has us doing different things and not just sitting in a classroom listening to him talk (which I wouldn’t mind 😂). The Japanese garden met my expectations and it was just as beautiful as I thought it would be. I felt peaceful just sitting on the rock and sketching. Obviously the first thing that caught my eye was the pond. However where I was sitting, there wasn’t a great view of the pond. I realized that I have a thing for trying to draw trees and there were a lot of trees in front of me so that’s what I focused on. I kinda of regret my decision on focusing on that because I was getting frustrated cause it wasn’t coming out how I would have liked it to come out. I began to walk around and I loved the section where there were a lot of pebbles. Standing behind the pebbles there was a nice view of the whole pond. After going to the Japensse garden I definitely plan on going back just to sit down and have a peaceful moment.

Week 8: Classmate convo- Damonte Ford

imageAt the Japanese Garden this week I got a chance to talk to Damonte Ford. Damonte is a sophomore at CalState Long Beach. He is majoring in film and productions which is awesome and he’s the first person I talk to that is majoring in that field. His goal in life is to become a sound engineer and work on projects such as music, video games, movies, tv commercials… etc. On his free time he likes to be active and play sports. Of course he also does music and he loves sleeping just like me. He currently has a job and is also in a rap group. He enjoys traveling and that is also something I would like to do in the future. He also enjoys hanging out with friends, watching tv and just keeping busy on his free time.

We asked each other the question of if we would be a supportive parents if our child decided to pursue a career in art. Our answer was similar to a certain extent. We both said we would support our child. He said that he would support his child in any decision or career path they choose. However he said if he would be even more supportive if they his child chose a career path hat involved something artistic due to the fact that he wants to pursue in an artistic career. He believes that being a supportive parent can better your child’s future by motivating him/her to accomplish any goal they have set for themselves. Overall he thinks is very important to support your child in any decision they make to they can have an opportunity to blossom in a field they love without having anyone trying to hold them back.